Top Ten Tips to Help You Save Money on Auto Insurance

To many motorists concept of trying to save money on vehicle insurance can still be foreign. They may think that insurance isn’t something you should be skimpy about. However, it has nothing to do about cutting corners in any way at all. It is all about exploring all the avenues before choosing a path.

It is your right to make sure that you have the right coverage in place and you are with the right carrier who charges fair amount of premium. Just thinking along these lines isn’t enough. You have got to test it to see if you are really being treated fairly and looked after as best as it can be. So, here are some tips to set you on your way to cheap auto insurance policies each and every time;

1. Give your Car a Break
We are acting like we cannot do without a car today. However, you know very well that driving to work everyday in that congested roads is driving you mad. Give driving a rest wherever you can and take the trains of subway. This is usually the fastest way of reaching to your destination, especially during rush hour. Quite a few automobile insurers offer special discounts to people who don’t drive as much.

2. Mind the Speed Cameras
It is no secret that insurance companies don’t like motoring convictions. They are clear indication that the drier has no respect for the laws and acts irresponsibly. They try to avoid those types of motorists or make them pay pretty high premiums.

3. Don’t Just Add Tom, Dick and Harry on Your Policy
You may think that you are being cautious to include any driver in your policy. It is fine by your insurer since they will charge accordingly. If you want to keep your premiums low you should only insure the people who are likely to drive your auto. The rest should only be able to drive it if they steal it.

4. Avoid High Risk Zip Codes
Quite a few cities have  a insurance dark zone where insurers charge extra for insuring anything. Avoid these areas if you know them and can help it. You are made to pay for the losses insurance companies are suffering in such areas.

5. Check Prices Online
You may be friendly with your insurance agent but this shouldn’t stop you from searching and getting quotes online. If you really like him/her you could give one last chance to see if he/she will be able to match or beat the quotes you got on the Internet. Otherwise, you will have to cut them lose.

6. Get Yourself a Safe Car
Forget most things you know about insuring automobiles and concentrate on safety. It is the new big thing and you will get the best car insurance rates if you have a safe auto with the latest accident prevention and theft avoidance gadgets installed.

7. Security Is the Next Concern
Why do you think people cannot steal expensive cars? Simple, because they have strong enough security to deter thieves away from them to a much easier targets. This point isn’t missed by insurers.

8. Small Claims Can Make You Pay Big claims
This is one area most people baffled. Why shouldn’t they claim if they have a legitimate loss? They shouldn’t because companies don’t like claims regardless of their sizes. If you keep coming back to them with every little things they may even drop you, let alone doubling your premium.

9. Pick Higher Deductibles
By increasing your deductibles you are increasing the confidence of the insurance company on you. They know now that you are happy to pay for larger part of each loss and therefore have to watch out.

10. Learn to Be a Better Driver
There are several driving qualifications that will yield auto insurance savings. Check what is available in your area and see if these courses would be beneficial to you. If they would make you a better driver and save you money on premiums.

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