Vehicle Accidents & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Being involved in a serious accident can cause health problems related to stress. This is an area that is always open to arguments, especially when someone is making a claim for traffic accident related stress claim. One of the main problems is that it isn’t tangible like the other damages and therefore it is difficult to arrive to a settlement. However, in some cases the problem may not be deciding how much to pay to someone with such problems. It may be that one side is claiming they have the illness and the other side isn’t believing to the claim.

Stress is real illness and it has been getting wide publicity recently with the soldiers coming from war zones displaying similar consistent signs. They suffer nightmares, panic attacks and cold sweats as well as compulsive behaviour. When one person claims these symptoms it may be easy to discard it as fake. However, when it is observed in large number of soldiers you have to accept that the problem is real.

Now, a few of those soldiers are treated for the condition known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is believed that being in a near death situation and seeing so many deaths and destruction pushes a person to mental disorder. It is a disorder in the body and it should be dealt with like any other illness. Some studies claim that around ten percent of vehicle crash victims suffer similar symptoms as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The easier way of treating such conditions is to prescribe anti-depressants. These are serious drugs that are given to alter the condition in the brain. They are generally seen as a short term solution as it is claimed that they don’t actually fix the problem but suppresses it as long as these drugs are taken. The problem with this treatment is that these drugs almost always come with side-effects. So, while fixing one problem you cause another.

The other approach is to face your fears head on. It is never easy to do it but it is a more sensible approach then being drugged senselessly. It is normal that it will be stressful to be in a car or driving for sometime. Memories of the clash would come flooding. Nonetheless, burying yourself into submission and running away from it with handful of drugs may make the situation worse. Perhaps the situation should be handled step by step with proper therapy.

And one thing you may actually avoid dealing with first hand is the claims. There are several options open to people who suffer mentally following an auto crash. They can either find specialist claim handlers who have years of experience within the team or find a law firm to take the case up with the insurers. Working with such people can take some of the stress away from the person. Furthermore, these people would probably end up getting more money for your condition. They know how to present a case and they know insurance company tricks.

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